Install directions

This section covers the basics of how to download and install TomoPy.

Installing from Conda

If you only want to run TomoPy, not develop it, then you should install through Conda, our supported package and environment manager. Conda can install TomoPy and its dependencies for you.

First, you must have Conda installed.

Next, install TomoPy and all its runtime dependencies into a new Conda environment called tomopy by running:

$ conda create --name tomopy --channel conda-forge tomopy

Use this TomoPy installation by activating this environment:

$ conda activate tomopy

To install tomopy with CUDA features, specify the CUDA build of libtomo in the conda environment:

$ conda create --name tomopy --channel conda-forge tomopy "libtomo=*=cuda*"

Updating the installation

TomoPy is an active project, so we suggest you update your installation frequently. To update the installation, activate the Conda environment containing TomoPy and run:

$ conda update --channel conda-forge tomopy

For some more information about using Conda, please refer to the docs.

Build from Source

Please read the development guide for directions on how to build TomoPy from the source code.